Custom Design Living Room Sets

casket table drawers Halloween-Horror-weird-large-mural-painting-the-li 20160130_113919

This Plain Coffin Coffee table sports three functional drawers with handmade drawer slides and legs.  Measuring 5'Lx2'WX20"H

This Sleeper Coffin Coffee table sports two functional drawers with handmade drawer slides and legs.  Measuring 5'Lx2'WX20"H.  Your choice of head will be placed inside sleeper compartment behind the glass.  Choices are Male, Female or Child.  All sculptures placed inside are designed by Brandon Hovet from Worped Studios.

"Sleeper" Coffin Coffee Table

"Plain" Coffin Coffee Table

CAM00031 Great-Palm-Murals-for-Horror-Theme-Living-Room CAM03157

Coffin Cabinets boast 4 shelves and hand poured bone handles.  Each cabinet is built to avoid the dreaded top heavy issue when opening.  Our base design is a guarantee our cabinet will not tip.  


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